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Snapmat - Pro Mat & Towel Combo


  • Size: Extra-long 24"x72" comes standard.
  • Weight: The combo weighs about 7.5 lbs. It's a little heavier than your average mat. SnapMat is a PRO grade mat, and an investment in a lifetime of yoga.
  • Colors: Towels come in Gray, Coffee or Teal. All mats are black.
  • All towels will fit all mats - get and extra towel here


About the SnapMat 

The SnapMat was designed to keep your towel smooth no matter what you do on your mat. It's the first mat and towel combo to magnetically pair, and never ruffle!

  • 1 - We started with a long lasting, professional grade yoga mat.
  • 2 - We found the perfect microfiber towel to provide traction and absorb lots of sweat
  • 3 - We created a unique combination of magnetic snaps to hold the towel in place
About The Mat (You can also use it without the towel)
  • Professional Grade - This is a PRO grade mat, not your ordinary rental mat. It weighs about 7lbs, and will last you many years.
  • "Just Right" PaddingThe 7mm SnapMat thickness is firm enough for standing balance yet padded to support your knees and other joints.
  • Stays Fresh and CleanOur high density mat is minimally porous, easy to clean, and resists smells.
  • Better With Age - The mat texture actually improves with use, so feel free to use it outdoors. Or use it without a towel.

About The Nanga Yoga Towel

  • Perfect traction for yoga - The most important thing for a towel is to keep you from slipping. Our towel provides good traction dry and even more when wet, which is something many other yoga towels don't do.
  • Tested Durability - Our microfiber towels last for a long time, and they are machine washable 500 times or more.
  • Really, Really Absorbent - Our towels hold 7x their weight in water. One of our customers even bought another to dry her hair after the shower.

About The Snaps

  • We were worried about these breaking, so we sourced our manufacturing equipment from the airline industry to ensure a precision press on each snap for durability
  • Our patent pending SnapMat keeps the towel from moving when you're in motion

 If you have any issues with this mat, just tell us and we'll make it right!

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