About Nanga Yoga

About Nanga Yoga

What is Nanga Yoga?

Nanga literally means “naked.” Nanga is here to support your yoga, so you can practice with the confidence you need to simply be you.

We started out wanting to fix a problem—no more slipping on your mat or fixing your towel—and created mats and towels with keen design and durable, high-quality materials. They are simple enough to enhance your practice without losing sight of the reasons you fell in love with yoga. Stop slipping and adjusting your yoga gear and start enjoying a pure connection with the flow, and the present moment.

Made Pure

Reliable and uncomplicated, products like our SnapMat enhance your practice, preserving the purity of your experience while cutting down on distractions. 

Made with Purpose

Yoga is for everyone. Nanga’s yoga accessories are made for real people—all shapes, sizes and ages, with real world bodies, strengths, and experiences.

Just like our products, our business model is designed with purpose. We source local manufacturing whenever possible, and donate 5% of profits to charitable community outreach organizations. Learn more about how Nanga Yoga gives back below. 

Made to Last

We value sustainability and are dedicated to creating products worth investing in. Nanga Yoga is proud to offer yoga mats and accessories that are made for the long haul, not the landfill. Our mats should last you a lifetime.


Giving Back

Nanga Yoga is more than great yoga gear. We believe in conducting compassionate business.

  • We source local raw materials and labor whenever possible.
  • Our assembly tooling and parts are manufactured in Fort Worth, TX.
  • We donate 5% of profits to charitable community outreach organizations.

Some incredible programs we are supporting:

Wounded Warrior Project

A Florida-based non-profit based that offers nationwide aid to honor and empower wounded service members.


An independent global organization that offers non-religious meditation courses and information at zero cost and recognizes all people can benefit from meditation. 

How can YOU get involved?

Anyone can be a part of Nanga Yoga’s greater mission to help others.

Every purchase makes a difference (we donate 5% of all profits to our 501(c)(3) partners). Every shared Facebook message, Instagram post or honest product review helps spread the mission that powers the gear you love.

Want to partner with us? Send your thoughts and ideas to nanga@nangayoga.com. We still read each and every email.


Then & Now

The first batch of SnapMats was made in our co-founder’s house! Living space was transformed into workshop and warehouse until the kinks were worked out. A machine shop that specializes in the making of airplane parts was called in to custom manufacture the tools needed to attach our snaps. Different versions were tried, scrapped and refined until the durable, high quality SnapMat we sell today came to be.

At our core, we are here to share yoga by making innovative products that enhance the practice. The SnapMat was only the beginning.

Where are we headed?

Nanga creates tools for your yoga practice that are at once useful, individualized and lovely. Our designs started simple. We’re adding on now, partnering with local artists whose unique designs will beautify the things we make for you. 

As we grow, we pledge to make every detail a conscious decision. We are committed to maintaining high quality and performance as we engage with local manufacturing, warehousing and fulfillment, and community outreach programs.


The Creators of Nanga Yoga



“I love helping people see the connections between their health and overall quality of life.”

Tenacious, business-minded and spiritual, Benton Peret is an explorer at heart. Benton’s love for innovation distinguished his career as a marketing consultant, working inside some of the world’s largest tech, financial and retail companies. And it has been his lifelong exposure to yoga and meditation that grounded and enhanced his life along the way.

Benton co-founded Nanga to make products he would want to use. Harnessing his spirit of discovery, creative business expertise, and excitement for design and technological advances, he created a company on a mission. Nanga exists to help people—through both its products and business practices.


“My personal mission is to serve others. I want people to achieve their health and wellness goals, and have fun while doing it.”

Devoted cyclist and sales expert Mark Taylor found yoga over ten years ago. Ultra-endurance events have long defined Mark’s love of hitting the road with two wheels, and he was in need of a method for cross training to balance the impact of intense road and mountain biking. Mark tried yoga and quickly realized a regular practice was essential to keep his body feeling good and avoiding injury. Away from the saddle and the mat, Mark’s entrepreneurial ambitions had planted a seed: he was drawn to build a company that treats everyone along the chain of creation and distribution—customers, suppliers, employees and contractors—as important stakeholders.

Ever the problem-solver, Mark was confounded by the yoga towel that refused to stay put in practice. Knowing there had to be a better way, he partnered with Benton to figure out what it was. The result was the SnapMat.